Cloud Nine : A Paranormal Romance of the Guardians of Man (#1)

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Someone who goes to people in need and helps them get on in life with a better understanding of living. While with a charge that was ready to take back his own life, Sterling catches a glimpse of Claire and is startled by his strong reaction to her. Puzzled, he follows her.

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Something about her touched his nerves and stole his breath. When he finally reveals himself to her she is afraid of him and doesn't want him around. But with time and patience, he will work to see her safe. There are people out there that want each of them for themselves. Someone who will stop at nothing to have Sterling.

Someone who will do anything to claim Claire's affections. Together, Sterling and Claire will fight them. Some will fall. Some will hurt. And some will Download: epub mobi Kindle pdf more Online Reader lrf pdb. Price: Free! Add to Library. Create Widget. About Melissa A. Learn more about Melissa A. Also in Series: The Guardians of Man. Also by This Author. Missy Wadkins reviewed on on June 4, I cannot sum up this book better than what is already said by the synopsis, so all I can do is offer my humble opinion of the story. It's amazing. The whole concept of this specific guardian form was something that I had to get used to, but once Sterling took on a human form..

The characters are great. Claire is your typical teenager in the way that she has a typical teenage voice - a little confusing and erratic and sometimes all out irrational, but it is exactly what you would expect from someone her age.

I love the interactions between her and Sterling, who is definitely one of those lovable guy's in YA that we love to swoon over. He is definitely a guardian and I think he did his job well, especially when it came to protecting and taking care of Claire. I also have to note that the other characters in the book are just as great - from Claire's friend to Sterling's "sibling" guardians She does "woman scorned" quite well. This is yet another great book from another great indie author! I'd say this is a definite recommended read to all of my YA paranormal romance lovers out there.

Melissa Smith is a wonderful writer and I look forward to more from her in the future. Edwin Stark reviewed on on April 5, Cloud Nine deals with the growing relationship between a teenaged girl and her self-appointed spirit guardian, and the many situations she faces as she tries to synch him up into her typical teenager life.

These implicit complications include her friends, family and a former boyfriend. The characters will be instilled inside your heart and you will not forget their life trials and tribulations. Her killer was never found. As they work together to find the killer, they find something else neither of them expected — love. Keane: Gloria Star is on a hit television show and engaged to one of the most desired men in Hollywood. Her life is perfect.

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But then she gets a letter in the mail that changes everything. The past she has been trying to forget for so long has finally come back to haunt her. As she faces painful truths, Gloria learns that forgiveness is essential, family is everything, and love is forever. But then he meets Aiden — hurt, lonely, and sweetly submissive — and realizes that he wants more than he ever realized.

He wants them both. He wants them forever. He wants them to be his.

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Because Evangeline? A heartwarming romance from a USA Today bestselling author. A reality show, twin brothers, a million-dollar prize… and one woman. Note: Despite the TV cameras, things do heat up in the Idaho summer. If you prefer your Kindle to remain unwarmed, this may not be the book for you. When her father seals an alliance with Lord Benedict, the future Duke of Cumberland, Sophia embraces her fate. One she intends to protect at any cost.

When she finds herself in over her head and on the verge of failure, will her boss, James West, bail her out?

Cloud Nine: A Paranormal Romance of the Guardians of Man

Everything in her life turned out as planned. Then out of nowhere… an affair.

You think you know the answer? Think again. Kindle The Calendar Brides Romantic Comedy by Ginny Baird: Twelve granddaughters develop a plan to send their beloved grandmother to Italy to reconnect with her long-lost love. Her first time outside the States, young art student Cate is shocked by the sudden and passionate attention that a powerful older Russian man lavishes on her. A steamy, fast and sizzling hot, insta-love romance with pent-up passion, longing, and a deeply satisfying surprise conclusion. As teenagers, they formed a deep bond and became inseparable. Years later, when Cole is brutally murdered, Sophie will tear down heaven and earth to find justice.

Even it means risking her own life. The Voyeur by Ellis O. Just his type of lady. Is that too much to ask? And she may never guess just who is leading her on the romantic adventure of her dreams.

Cloud Nine : A Paranormal Romance of the Guardians of Man (#1)

A huntress with a dark past. A bond that could save the world. Hamel: Never sleep with your gorgeous, arrogant, playboy billionaire boss. Well, okay, maybe I had something to do with it. But I should know better. Ellis Ward is my new boss and hotter than sin. Kindle Montana Mail Order Bride Box Set Westward Series Books by Linda Bridey: Books 4 -6 in the series that critics describe as a superb collection of heart-warming, humorous, romantic stories full of adventure which show strong women in difficult situations.

Cloud Nine: A Paranormal Romance of the Guardians of Man

But instead of walking away, Tate makes a deal. Mortier: Three Unforgettable Romances in One! Unconditional — Family meant everything to Dominic Stone. But his family was under threat because of his past profession. Twin Souls — Rico is all about the military life. But then he is suddenly the joint-guardian of a teenager and his life is never the same again.