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I progetti vengono intrapresi per raggiungere gli obiettivi producendo deliverable. I deliverable possono essere tangibili o intangibili. Tale ripetizione non modifica le caratteristiche fondamentali e uniche del lavoro di progetto. Ad esempio, gli edifici che ospitano gli uffici possono essere costruiti con materiali identici o analoghi e dai medesimi gruppi o da gruppi diversi.

Tuttavia, ciascun progetto di edificio rimane unico nelle caratteristiche chiave ad esempio: sede, design, ambiente, situazioni e soggetti coinvolti. I progetti sono intrapresi a tutti i livelli organizzativi. La natura temporanea dei progetti indica un inizio e una fine definiti. Con "temporaneo" non si indica necessariamente che un progetto ha una breve durata. I progetti sono temporanei ma i deliverable possono continuare a esistere oltre la fine del progetto. I progetti possono produrre deliverable di natura sociale, economica, materiale o ambientale.

I progetti favoriscono il cambiamento nelle organizzazioni. Da una prospettiva aziendale, un progetto mira a portare un'organizzazione da uno stato all'altro per raggiungere uno specifico obiettivo vedere la Figura Prima dell'inizio del progetto, l'organizzazione viene spesso definita come: nello stato attuale o nella situazione corrente. Il risultato desiderato del cambiamento fornito dal progetto viene descritto come lo stato futuro. Il buon esito di un progetto comporta il passaggio dell'organizzazione allo stato futuro e il raggiungimento di uno specifico obiettivo.

Il PMI definisce il valore per l'azienda come il beneficio netto quantificabile derivato da un'iniziativa aziendale. Il valore per l'azienda nei progetti si riferisce al beneficio fornito ai suoi stakeholder dai risultati di uno specifico progetto. OI leader organizzativi avviano i progetti in risposta a fattori che hanno effetto sulle rispettive organizzazioni. Questi fattori rientrano in quattro categorie fondamentali, che illustrano il contesto di un progetto vedere la Figura :.

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I leader reagiscono a questi fattori per mantenere l'organizzazione funzionante. I progetti forniscono alle organizzazioni i mezzi per apportare le modifiche necessarie a gestire questi fattori, che in ultima analisi devono ricollegarsi agli obiettivi strategici dell'organizzazione e al valore di ogni progetto per l'azienda.

Il Project Management si esegue tramite la corretta applicazione e integrazione dei processi di Project Management identificati per il progetto. Il Project Management consente alle organizzazioni di eseguire i progetti in modo efficiente ed efficace. Un Project Management efficace aiuta individui, gruppi e organizzazioni pubbliche e private a:. I progetti sono essenziali per creare valore e portare benefici alle organizzazioni. Per restare competitivi nell'economia mondiale, le aziende stanno adottando il Project Management per fornire costantemente valore all'azienda.

See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD The last part of the course is a Summer School in Geneva , furthermore while working on the final dissertation the student will have the chance to attend a period of study and research at one of the university partners of the GESAM. This year will be its fifth edition and the enrollment for this unique international Master is currently open.

J: Over the last few years I have developed an ever-increasing interest in economic sciences and their connection to social issues. Before starting the Master program, I attended courses such as International Trade, Labor Economics, Foreign Direct Investment and Financial Crisis, that make me analyze the connection between economics, politics and social phenomena.

This allowed me to understand that the political and institutional system is closely related to its economic development, which, in turn, strongly influences social phenomena. So, the elements that most pushed me to choose this Master were firstly the chance to deepen this complexity, furthermore to understand which aspects are to be considered fundamental for a sustainable economical approach, are. The way the Master is shaped, pushed me to choose it. Thanks to lectures, workshops, internships and theses, it offers varied solutions, and therefore the possibility to observe issues from different points of view.

Do you think it was useful to follow the Master's course in English? J: Yes, a lot. A Masters in English makes possible to gather not only students from different cultures, but also teachers.

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During the Master's Degree, I could follow lectures taught from teachers of different countries, such as: Italy, China, France, Germany and Switzerland. This was extremely interesting, as it allowed me to experience various teaching methods; in addition it gave me the possibility to have a confrontation with new points of view. The Faculty Committee consists of University professors, of Officers of Non-Governmental Organizations and Institutions and Technicians, both national and international, experts in the economic, legal and social fields.

Would you share with us the most positive memory fixed on your mind about a lecture in class?

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J: I really appreciate to have lessons with professors of several background. Every single day I could take advantage from a different teaching method, which made the whole programme more fascinating. Raymond Saner and Lichia were among the first professors we had. Fantastic, like many others! They challenged us, from the first moment, they motivated us to think about very interesting as complicated issues. With them we have deepened Sustainable Development Goals, from one hand through a more traditional lecture, and from the other hand through a more interactive activities.

For example, we were divided into two groups and we played a simulation game in order to find a solution to problems in relation with Sustainable Development Goals. In few hours thanks to this kind of activity I had the chance to understand how difficult it is to tackle topics related to sustainability, because you need to consider several perspectives. First of all, I had the opportunity to visit a new city and to meet all my classmates a month later the end of the lessons.

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Together, we followed interesting presentations and lessons at the International Labor Organization ILO , we learned a lot of this institution during the weeks in Venice. This allowed us to look more closely at how the ILO works, and to better understand its structure. Some officials of this institution, we met, talked to us about some of their projects. We also had the chance to see again some professors, known in Venice, during lessons we have had before the Summer School experience.

The last day in Geneva was instead dedicated to guided visits to the World Trade Organization and the United Nations, another amazing experience. How was your internship experience? I've been in Belgium for three months, and I'm halfway through my internship experience. I am lucky to work with experts in the field of sustainability and social responsibility, which is allowing me to deepen the topics covered in the Master, and to learn more. I work with people who are passionate about their work, prepared, and available all the time, in a lively and very interesting city.

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This experience helped me to affirm my interest in working in the field of sustainability for the forthcoming scenarios, in an international environment. Therefore, I can say that my internship experience has been, and still is very interesting. An advice: organize well and on time because many organizations and institutions have precise deadlines for the applications of traineeships.

Costruzione di materiali didattici C. Conoscenze glottodidattiche D. Competenze glottodidattiche orali. Sezione A1. Sezione C.

Sezione A2. Sezione D1, D2. Sezione A. Sezione B. Testo A1 Parte I.

Sezione C Parte Comune. Corsi per insegnanti di italiano. In each of these episodes there was a tension between the international aspects and national aspects of the partnership that to some degree limited its success.

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Polo Elettrico e Automazione. The running of complex experimental plants in the field of energetic sources involves a strong component of automation. Since they are unique and innovative plants there are not well defined ways to run them. So it is necessary to design the automation each time and then to select the proper resources for the implementation. The plant for the testing of gas turbine components of Sesta is an important example of this type of approach.

Comparative experimental study on municipal wastewater disinfection with ozone and peracetic acid; Indagine sperimentale comparata sulla disinfezione di acque reflue urbane con ozono e acido peracetico. Andreottola, G. The results of a pilot experimental study on the disinfection of treated municipal wastewater to be used in agriculture are presented.

A comparative evaluation has been carried out on two parallel pilot-scale disinfection plants using respectively ozone and peracetic acid. After a preliminary sand filtration pilot unit. Both processes showed the capability of meeting the Italian standards for agricultural reuse, but the disinfection process with ozone required much higher doses than the one with peracetic acid, probably because of the higher reactivity of ozone, if compared to peracetic acid with the organic matter present in wastewater.

Further research is needed in order to evaluate the efficiency of peracetic acid applied to microorganism different from the bacterial ones and to identify nature and consequences of possible disinfection by products. Fatal infection with Taenia martis metacestodes in a ring-tailed lemur Lemur catta living in an Italian zoological garden.

A case of fatal infection caused by larval forms of Taenia martis in a ring-tailed lemur Lemur catta living in the Rome zoological garden is described. The animal, living in a semi-natural pen with other 15 conspecific individuals and being fed with fresh fruit and vegetables, yoghurt and eggs, was transported to the Istituto Zooprofilattico of Rome for post-mortem examination. The anamnesis included, ten days before the death, apathy, lack of appetite, abdominal distension and diarrhoea. A severe exudative fibrinous-purulent peritonitis with numerous adhesions between the abdominal wall and the bowel loops was detected.

After intestine removal, two free and viable, 4 cm long, whitish, leaf-like parasitic forms were pinpointed. Macroscopic examination of the two parasites allowed their identification as larval stages of cestodes, identified via molecular analysis as T.